Results: Master Prize
    Master Prize List    
Tournament Winners:   Best In Chess Groups:    
GM Camp: Grant   Coach Alex: Winner:  Joshua  
Master Camp:  Jonathan P   Coach: Sergey Winner:  Jonathan P  
Section 3: Anton   Coach: Tanya Winner: Jonathan Z  
Section 4: Valerie & Maya   Coach: Genry Winner:  Kyle  
Section 5: Kyle, Michael, Graham   Coach: David Winner:  Anika  
    Coach: Philip & Alessandro Winner:  Michael  
Problem Solving: Anton (open); Anthony P (u500); Graham & Anthony E (Unrated) Master Camp Blitz:  Jane  
Survival in a Simul Winners:   Jonathan Z (open);  Michael (unrated) H/W Winner:   Anton- rated  
  BugHouse Tournament: Jessica & Justin (Master), Anton, Kyle, Michael, Anika (Day)  
  Best Effort: David (day camp); Ilya (Master Camp)    
Camp Veterans: Jane & Grant        
  Dodgeball Winner: Jane (girl) Kirill (boy), Spencer (winner of the last individual game in camp)
Best in Sports Groups:        
Age Group: 2009-2011 Winner:  Anthony P      
Age Group: 2008   Winner: Emilien      
Age Group: 2007 -2008 Winner: Anton Volleyball Winner: Anika Birth Day Boys: Ilya and Blake  
Age Group: 2005-2006 Winner:  Jonathan Z      
Age Group: 2003 - 2004 Winner:  Michael      
Art Winners:  Anthony P & Sudisha      Healthy Lunch:  Surbhi & Jonathan Perchuk