2018 Chess Camp Teaneck Week 5
Posted: 7/21/2018 | Updated: 8/2/2018 | Photo | Results

ICA Scholastic Chess Camp Teaneck Week 5 Report:
Kevin Dethrones Charles In Dodgeball!



During the first four weeks of camp the dodgeball court was dominated by one person, and one person only.  His name, widely known, respected (and if you faced him in battle, certainly feared) is Charles Jinn, and he had no equal during the first four weeks.  There were weeks when Charles was miles ahead of other campers, leading by as much as 18 points after just the first day!  It was a performance worthy of ICA dodgeball legends Kenneth Geiler and Idan Glickman.

However, that all changed in week five. 

Kevin Wei was on a mission, and starting on Monday when he took the lead over Charles, it was his goal not to relinquish it.

We had five tournament groups this week with Isak Dubrow winning the higher rated section, Eva Maya Onur winning the lower rated section, and Bentley Zee, Seth Sverdlov, and Max Onur and Anahit Melkumov winning the unrated sections 3-5, respectively.

The best students were Isak Dubrow in Sean’s group, Eva Maya and Raymond in Ivette’s group, Millie Schwartz in Slava’s group, Sophia Moustiatse in Justin’s group, Gabriel Kim in David’s group, and Christopher Jinn in Alessandro’s group.

Makoto was our best student for notation, while Kevin Wei added the simul prize to his win in dodgeball.

Sports group winners were (from youngest to oldest): Max Onur, Christian Lavrinovich, Eva Maya Onur (Eva Maya was also our winner for Soccer with the most goals), Isak Dubrow, and Kento Numakura.

The Math winners were Emanuel Schwartz and Sonya Goyal, while Anahit won for Art again.

On Friday the winners of the relay race were team “Dwayne Johnson” who were led by Kevin Wei, with his teammates being Zain, Bentley, Seth, Davin, Max, and Jakob Landa.  The blitz/bughouse tournament was won by Jakob Landa’s team “P.O.O.P” (it’s an acronym), consisting of Jakob and teammates Raymond, Sophia, and Roen.