2018 Chess Camp Glen Rock Week 6
Posted: 7/28/2018 | Updated: 8/4/2018 | Photo | Results

Week 6 Report – Glen Rock

Week 6 set an attendance record for this summer with a whopping 52 students coming to camp in our Glen Rock location. Just look at the statistics: This week we had 7 tournament sections, 9 chess lesson groups, and 7 sports groups! 


Caleb was the winner of the Grand Master Camp tournament with a perfect four points out of four! Ian and Spencer tied for second with 2.5 each. Daniel won the Master Camp tournament and Jaden got second place. Ricky won section three, while Conor and Blake tied for first in section four. Elise was best in the 5th section, and Aidan, Alex and Farres shared second place. Ava won in section six, in which Suvir and Yaseen tied for second. Finally, Arthur and Anderson were co-winners in section seven


The Best Students in their chess groups were: Caleb (Alex’s group), Jane (Sergey’s group), Andrew (Tanya’s group), Aidan (Sean’s group), Suvir (Ethan’s group), Elise (Genry’s group), Declan (David’s group), Ava (Richard’s group), and Arthur (Ernie’s group).


Ricky (open), Vaishnavi (unrated 1) and Anderson (unrated 2) each won their sections convincingly in the Problem Solving Competition


Despite the large number of students, there were not enough participants in the Survival in a Simul competition to award a prize. However, there was a serious struggle in the Homework Competition. Angelina won the rated section, while Ava was the best in the unrated section. 


Since the weather prevented us from going outside for sports one afternoon, we had to find a way to pass the time indoors. We organized a Rainy Day Blitz tournament in two sections. The winners were Blake in the Day Camp and Ilya in Sergey’s Master Camp. 


We had three Team Blitz and Bughouse sections this week.  Sophie and Grant were the best in the Grand Master Camp tournament, Daniel and Debra won in the Day Camp 1 tournament, and Christian and Vishnu won in the Day Camp 2 tournament.


Best in Sports Groups were: Declan (2011-2012), Kai (2010), Blake (2009), Suvir (2008), Conor (2007), Ricky (2006), and Debra (2005 and older).


There was no prize for the best Soccer Player this week as most of the usual soccer players chose to play dodgeball instead. Additionally, some curious campers discovered an amazing playground nearby that occupied quite a few campers while the others played dodgeball.  Suvir was the best Dodgeball Player among the boys, and Jane was the best among the girls.


Surbhi won the Healthy Lunch Competition, and Christian got the Best Effort Prize. Sophia got the Best Chess Notation Prize. Maya was the Most Organized camper, and Ryan got the Best Team Player award. Eva, Graham and Vikram won the Art Contest. Alex, Vishnu and Declan were the winners of the Math Contest.


Our busiest week yet is over. See you next week!