2018 Chess Camp Teaneck Week 7
Posted: 8/5/2018 | Updated: 8/8/2018 | Photo | Results

ICA Scholastic Chess Camp Teaneck Week 7 Report: 
Invasion Of The “Not Slavas”



By Kaylie Shelton

This week was a very interesting week because Dillon drew a picture of a cow/pig animal and named the animal a NOT-SLAVA. Inspired by Dillon’s masterpiece, [Dillon’s sister] Kaylie drew many NOT-SLAVAS descending upon earth and named the picture “The Invasion of the NOT SLAVAS.” Kaylie followed this up by drawing another work called “The SLAVA Invasion” where the NOT-SLAVAS have taken over earth and have eaten everything.

The above introduction was written by our new contest winner and longtime camper Kaylie Shelton, who won a writing prize for creating the best introductory paragraph for our weekly camp report.  When someone has been doing this for so long, they must find new and interesting ways to describe the events of the week. They generally get complacent, lazy, and bored and try to find unique and exciting ways to bribe kids to do their work for them.  Congratulations, Kaylie, for your winning paragraph (never mind that all the other kids were lazier than you and did not submit any competing works).

Our winners this week were Kevin Wei in section one of the regular tournament, wherein he upset the highest rated camper, Dillon Shelton, with a draw in their rated tournament game and finished him off with a king capture in their blitz tie-breaker game.  Kaylie Shelton once again won section two of the regular tournament (and will move up next week to challenge her brother in section one). Enzo Lazar scored first place in the unrated section for the second week in a row. 

The Best Students in each group were as follows: Ved Jethani in Slava’s group (even though Ryan was leading the group, since he was winning in other categories and since Ved alone found the final decisive strike Bxf7+ in the game Nezhmetdinov-Chernikov, he was awarded Best Student); Raymond Wang in Ivette’s group (this the fourth Best Student title for Raymond this summer), Cristiano Santiago in Justin’s group, and Smith School native Lesley Chais in Alessandro’s group.

Lucas Chen won the Best Notation prize for his crisp, clean scorekeeping, while Ryan Chen was the best in the Survival in a Simul competition. The Problem Solving winners were Kaylie Shelton and Yeshaya Agin.  Millie Schwartz and Enzo Lazar were Aparna’s choices for the Art prize.

In the Sports Groups, Christian Lavrinovich, Joanne Shen, and Ryan Chen (listed from youngest to oldest) won in their respective groups.  Kevin Wei dominated dodgeball to win in that category.

On Thursday we had a blitz tournament because the section 1 tournament was finished. After Kevin and Raymond tied for first, they played a tie-break game in which Raymond was completely winning until his back rank blunder that gave Kevin another prize.

On Friday, the winner of the relay races was team “Gryffindor,” which edged out Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin (the team names were Harry Potter themed this week).  The team was composed of Millie, Christian, Yeshaya, and Jacob Pollard. 

Finally, the blitz-bughouse tournament was won by the team of Kevin and Avinash Jadhav.