2018 Chess Camp Glen Rock Week 9
Posted: 8/19/2018 | Updated: 8/27/2018 | Photo | Results

Week 9 Report – Glen Rock

Within every week the attendance of our Summer Camp increases so we had to stop the registrations for the weeks 9 and 10. 


Tournaments in 6 sections have been held on the Week 9. Bowen and Grant won in the Master Camp, and Anton who finally got into a good shape won in the section 2. Incomparable Blake enjoyed a victory in the Section 3, and great Graham and Paul became the winners in the Section 4.  Alex H. was the strongest one in the Section 5, and Luca earned the victory in the Section 6.

Only two winners of the tournaments were able to repeat their success in the Chess Groups. Graham (Richard’s group) and Luca (Ernie & Nastasya’s group) have become the best students. Lev (Sergey & David’s group), Denis (Tanya’s group), Stefan (Hana’s group), Jonathan J. (Genry’s group) and Adrian (Philip’s group) won in the left five student groups.

Many students participated in the Solving Problems Competition this week. As a result, Anton has become the strongest player in the Open Section, Kishan won in U400 section, and Arthur was a winner in the unrated section.

Alex V. won in the Survival in a Simul Competition.

Unfortunately, no one took the chance of earning the Homework Winner prize. Five-year-old Arthur got the Best Notation prize, while Grant won Sergey’s Blitz. 


Jane & Grant won the Rainy-Day Master Camp Blitz, and Bryan & Elise were the best in the Rainy-Day Blitz in the Day Camp.


Alexandra got the Best Effort Prize, while Akshat has become the Best Team Player, and Mia won the Most Organized Prize.


This time, we had to hold the traditional Team Blitz and Bughouse Tournaments in four sections. Sophie and Johnathan Z. were the best in Master Camp, and Blake and Sebastian held the victory in Day Camp 1. In Day Camp 2, however, two teams were going toe-to-toe at the finish line, so we have two winners: Paul & Misha and Alexander H. & Jonathan. Adrian Z won the Day Camp 3.


Best in sports group were:


Adrian (Group 1)

Luca (Group 2) 

Colin (Group 3), 

Valerie (Group 4), 

Anton (Group 5), 

Elise (Group 6)

Jonathan Z. (Group 7)

Bowen (Group 8)


The Dodge Ball Prizes were shared by Valerie (girls) and Bryan (boys).  Romano and Misha won the Soccer Prizes.

Healthy Lunch Prize went to the brothers Romano and Luca. Emilien earned the Music Award and shared the Art Award with Graham. 


So, it was a wonderful week before the most crowded Week 10!