2018 Chess Camp Glen Rock Week 10
Posted: 8/26/2018 | Updated: 9/3/2018 | Photo | Results

Week 10 Report – Glen Rock


The Final Week of the Chess Summer Camp has broken all the records. We’ve never had so many students before! Everything went great thanks to coordinated work of all participants of the training process. The winners got their prizes and trophies, and every camper enjoyed chess, soccer, dodgeball, tennis, the time spent on the playground, the solving of chess problems, as well as math, art and music.


Spencer has become the winner of the toughest GM Camp tournament. Bowen won the Master Camp section, and Ilya and Jaden shared the second place. Debra, who started the tournament with defeat, got the first place at the Section 3 Day Camp as she won three times in a row. Neil and Maanas were the strongest in the section 4, and Brant has become a leader in the section 5. Adrian won in the section 6, and Miki got the second place. Finally, Dylan has become the winner in the section 7, while William and Sahiti, accordingly, got the second and the third places. 


Best in Chess Groups were Sophie (GM Camp, Alex’s group) and Lev (Master Camp, Sergey’s group). Regarding the Day camp, the best students were Denis (Tanya’s group), Sebastian (Sean’s group), Romano (Genry’s group), Adrian (David’s group), Kabir (Simon’s group), William (Philip’s group), Rhea (Nastya’s group).


Denis and Albert won in the Problems Solving competition in the open section. Valerie and Anthony have become the winners in the under 600 section, and Adrian won in the unrated section.


Sebastian, (who won against senior instructor David), Kevin (open) and Surbhi (under 400) became the best in Survival in a Simul Competition.


Jane won the Master Camp Blitz, and Felix and Jonathan held the victory in the Team Blitz. 

The BugHouse Tournament consisted of three sections. Sophie and Jane were the strongest in the GM/Master Camp, and Felix and Sebastian (Felix was “borrowed” from the Master Camp) won in the Day Camp 1, while Surbhi and Royina were the winners of the Day Camp 2. 


Annie earned the Best Notation Prize, Colton for the Best Effort prize. Ari has become the Most Organized camper of the week, while Remi was the Most Helpful person. Royina deserved the Best Team Player Prize, and Mia and Sebastian won in the Healthy Lunch Competition.


Due to high attendance on this week even without GM Camp we organized 8 Sports Groups. the best players in these group were:


Dylan (Group 1)

Luca (Group 2)

Isabelle (Group 3)

Valerie (Group 4)

Kevin (Group 5)

Romano (Group 6)

Elise (Group 7)

Bowen (Group 8) 


In Dodgeball there were no equals to Romano (boys) and Jane (girls). Brant (boys), Debra (girls) and Luca (best forward) have become the strongest Soccer Players, while Aneesh earned the Tennis Award.


Alex and Maanas received the Math Award, and Isabella, Hannah and William earned the Art Awards.  


The Special Camp Veteran prize was awarded to Ilya, who has attended our Summer Camp for 9 out of 10 weeks!


Congrats to all those involved in the Summer Camp-2018 with its successful completion! We thank organizers, coaches, instructors, campers and parents! See you in the next chess camps of ICA! Welcome to the new school year!