Spring-Break Camp Recap! Plus, Secure Your Spot For SUMMER CAMP Now
Posted: 4/29/2019 | Updated: 4/29/2019
April 15-19 

Spring-Break Camp 2019 had many participants and each day brought us lots of fun, learning and challenges. All of our campers were winners and top contenders as the kids participated, despite several minor weather restrictions, in the following activities.  


On day one, in addition to our veteran players we started out with several students who were new to the game of chess. Nina had never played, but by the end of the first day she felt comfortable enough to compete in the daily tournament. By day three she had won the best student prize. 

The day always started with the coaches teaching or reviewing chess techniques. And, in the afternoon the kids had the opportunity to compete against each other in tournaments and advance through sections.  

Winners of the tournaments were awarded daily and additional honors were given for special achievements throughout the week such as best studentbest notation, survival in a simul and coach's helper.


Art was a wonderful experience for the campers in both Glen Rock and Teaneck. Students had the opportunity to sketch outdoors, create beautiful water colors, work on stained glass paper mandalas and watch their teacher lead a lesson in a paint technique known as marbling. Awards were given to students who excelled in creativity, and  by the week's end Angie and Eitan turned out to be the big winners on the Glen Rock campus.


This year, music at camp included piano as well as guitar lessons. The kids enjoyed the opportunity to become more familiar with these instruments. On the last day, Cooper earned an award for his prowess on the piano.

Campers also challenged the coaches to a dance-off and Michael took top honors in the dance contest.  


Morning warm-ups were essential on weather permitting days. They made the campers so much happier and willing to settle down to chess work. Dodgeball and soccer were our main games, and awards were given out to students who participated and played well. By the end of the week Albert and Conor had walked away with several prizes based on their athletic performances.

Spring-Break Camp was super fun, but now it's time to secure a spot for our 2019 SUMMER CAMPS!

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