2019 Summer Camp Week 3 Teaneck
Posted: 7/6/2019 | Updated: 7/12/2019 | Photo | Results

Week 3 Report – Teaneck

ICA has a great tradition to celebrate July 4th together with our campers!

Yes, that’s right! -  ICA keeps its doors open during the whole week of July 4th!  We had 13 children that attended on Independence Day and had a very special 4th of July with surprises and ice pops. How cool is that!


ICA is all about thinking and working together! We do not have a lesson on “how to have fun “, WE create fun!


WEEK 3 was marked by several special events:

          Visit of  Laura Givental, director of the Berkeley Elementary Math Circle and the author of the book “Math Circle by the Bay”. More about our exciting math programs can be found here. This week Laura worked on even and odd patterns.

          The birth of “Star Wars Dodge Ball” created by our expert of Star Wars, Alessandro, and new chess instructor Sophie, who was born on May 4th.  May the Fourth Be with You, Sophie! And congratulations to our usual dodgeball winner - CHARLES JINN!

          Presidential Elections: Last Friday we elected our first President, the leader of “Have a Good Day” Party -THOMAS WEICHSEL! The party got the majority based on two campaign promises - lower taxes and lower medical costs. The “Federalist” and “Democratic Pollard” parties need to consolidate for the next election to work on a new agenda!


Congratulations to our best students and winners in each of these chess groups:


Best student:

Tournament WINNERS

Slava / Section 1

Robert Choi

Jacob Pollard

Ivette / Section 2

Lucas Chen & Kenz Raza

Lucas Chen

Alessandro / Section 3

Mia Chen

Christopher Jinn


Rudy Jin


Tournament Crosstable


Congratulations to the winning team of Blitz-Bughouse ROBERT CHOI and RUDY JIN, who became absolute champions - a wonderful example of great teamwork! We got a winner in Problem Solving - MICHAEL JIN! Well done!


As usual, ICA gives a lot of attention to our campers’ athletics. Obviously, they must be in great athletic shape to be able carry heavy trophies, medals and prizes!

This week we had 4 nominations in sports by age group, and here are our winners:




2010 - KYLE TANG

2008 and older - ISAK DUBROW

Congratulations to our relay race winners - CHARLES JINN, MIA CHEN AND MICHAEL JIN!

We had such a special week and celebrated the 4th of July together. We had lots of fun working with each other and exchanging great ideas!

We are looking forward to seeing you next week, dear ICA Campers!