2019 Summer Camp Week 3 Glen Rock
Posted: 7/6/2019 | Updated: 7/12/2019 | Photo | Results

Week 3 – Glen Rock Report

Our Camp in Glen Rock keeps its doors open during the whole week of the 4th of July. We are excited to celebrate the 4th of July with our campers and provided special presents for our the 4th of July campers including an enormous serving of ice-cream!


One of the fun things about chess is, of course, socializing, meeting old friends and gaining new ones.


Before posting our results and achievements, we would like to announce our very first no-holds-barred match of “Hand & Brain”.  It’s an addictive chess variant for pairs in which one player is the “hand” and the other is the “brain”.  The “brain” calls out a piece (for example, “bishop”) and the “hand” must decide which bishop should move, and where, with hilarious consequences!


On Thursday, prior to the game we had a little practice and learnt that we should appoint a stronger team player to be “Hand”. The experiment was a success! And we have decided that “Hand & Brain” might be a great alternative to our traditional Blitz & Bughouse competition. Congratulation to our first “Hand & Brain” winners - Ricky and Abrjoin. We defiantly would like to continue having “Hand & Brain” in our camp. 


Congratulations to our tournament winners for WEEK 3:

Section 1 - Jane

Section 2 - Stefan

Section 3 - Adrian.  Paul, Abrordzhon, Ibrohim, Gregory and Jack tied for the second place.

Section 4 - Veer


Working together we focus on individual results, so all children work in small groups according to their chess levels.


Congratulations to our best students and winners in each of these chess groups:


Master camp - Ron

Tanya’s group - Stephen

Chris’s group - Jack and Sewit

David’s group - Adrian

Nick’s group - Ibrohim

Philip’s group - Samuel.


Simul Survival - Aadi (Group A), Jack (Group B), Lydia (Group C)


Problem-solving competition:  Stefan (Group A), Gregory (Group B) and Sewit (Group C).


In addition to the “Hand & Brain” innovation in our camp, we implemented David’s idea for racing and at the suggestion of Valery we announced a new sport for our camp - “Races Competition”.

Valery, who came up with the idea, became it first winner (group A) together with Michael, who won in group B.


Best in sports by age group:


Nitya (2012-2013)

Veer (2011)

Ibrohim (2009-2010)

Valery (2008-2009)

Ron (2006-2007)


Congratulations to the absolute champions in Dodgeball - Ricky (boys) and Jane (girls).

Michael and Abrorjon were best in soccer

Ibrohim was recognized as the best volleyball player!


Stefan got the Math Award

Jack - Music Award

Michael and Samuel - Art Award! Well done, Guys!


Abrorjon - Healthy lunch Nomination

Dina won ‘most enthusiastic camper’ award.


Two awards in the nominations “Best” went to Kadence (best Organized) and Aidan (best Effort)


We had such a special week and celebrated the 4th of July together. We had lots of fun working with each other and exchanging great ideas!

We are looking forward to seeing you next week, dear ICA Campers!