2019 Summer Camp Week 4 Glen Rock
Posted: 7/14/2019 | Updated: 7/21/2019 | Photo | Results

Week 4 report Glen Rock

Week 4 report Glen Rock

After a not too busy holiday week, our Summer Camp started working at full capacity. Therefore our tournament had 7 sections, and there were as many as 8 chess groups!


CALEB won in Section 1 (GM Camp), who unlike some other GM campers played all games seriously and was focused on results, and he succeeded.

Section 2 (GM Camp) brought the victory to the very capable chess player ILYA, who, we think could achieve even better results if he could just concentrate his attention only on chess.


JANE won first place in Section 3! Noteworthy, her new goal for a ‘result’ proved to be more effective than simply concentrating on playing ‘a good game’ - regardless of the outcome. Having achieved good form, JANE confirmed her chess strength by winning this week Master Camp Blitz Tournament! Well done, JANE!


The strongest in Section 4 was Aadi, who this week noticeably added to the level of his game, which allowed him to also win the simultaneous game against representative of GM Camp and get the

Simul Survival Prize (Group A).

The other Simul Survival winners: GREGORY (Group B) and EDGAR (Group C)


In addition to the Simul Survival Prize, GREGORY tied with the very experienced player SURBHI in Section 5. Next, in Section 6 we have a tie - DAVID, MAX and DANIEL.  And congratulations to EMILY, who won Section 7!


It was encouraging to watch our camper JUSTIN redirecting his extraordinary energy in the right direction to win the Day Camp Blitz Tournament. Way to go!


Of note, only two tournament winners - SURBHI (David’s Group) and GREGORY (Chris’s Group) managed to duplicate their success and were named as Best Students in their chess groups. Congratulations to all winners on Best Student Nominations:

AVERY (GM Camp), FELIX (Master Camp), KIRILL (Tanya’s Group), MAX (Nick’s Group), KAYLA (Philip’s Group) and KATHERINE (Garry’s Group).


DAVID (Group A) and JUSTIN (Group B) took the first places in the Problem Solving Competition. Unfortunately, the participants of Group C did not show interest in this type of chess, so the prize was left for the next week.


Surprisingly for summer, we had two winners in Home Work Nomination - KIRILL and DAVID! What a pride! Another chess prize - Best Notation - went to ETHAN Y.


This week we wanted to continue incorporating the new innovative game “Brain & Hand” (see WEEK 3 Report) and maybe to raise the level up a notch, but all campers voted to go back to traditional Blitz and the full of fun and less serious Bughouse Tournaments. As a result, we all had a lot of fun and enjoyed the frivolous game.


Congratulations to our strongest teams:

ILYA & AARON (Blitz & Bughouse I) and SURBHI & GREGORY (Blitz & Bughouse II).


A second innovation of WEEK 3 in sport this time - Races was very successful in WEEK 4! We divided into two groups and had a winner in each:

CONOR - Group A

ETHAN M.  - Group B


Congratulations to our sport winners:

CONOR - Soccer Prize, playing for the Master Camp.

KAI (Boys) and SEWIT (Girls) - best volleyball players

KIRILL (Boys) and LYDIA (Girls) - the most popular sport at our camp -Dodgeball.


Addition to morning sessions of soccer and dodgeball GM Camp students played tennis during recreation time. So, we formed only 7 sport groups (based on ages) compared to 8 academic groups. Please, welcome our strongest athletes:

ETHAN Y. and EMILY - group of 2012-2013

DAVID - group of 2011

ETHAN M.  Group of 2010-2011

ARIELLA   - Group of 2010

GREGORY - Group of 2009-2010

AADI - Group of 2007-2008

ANGELINA - Master Camp.


ARI, DANIEL and SAM - Math Prize

ETHAN M., SURBHI and ARIELLA - Music and Art Prizes!


As always and very important for the successful functioning of our camp awards:

SEWIT - Most Organized

FAYSAL - Most Enthusiastic

MICHELLE - Best Effort

KADENCE -Most Helpful

KAI & VALERIE - Healthy Lunch.


Congratulations to all campers with the successful completion of WEEK 4!

ICA is looking forward to see you next week!