2019 Summer Camp Week 7 Glen Rock
Posted: 8/8/2019 | Updated: 8/15/2019 | Photo | Results

Week 7 Report – Glen Rock

As you may recall we had to split our GM Camp into two sections last week. This time, influenced by the increased number of campers, we had to do the same thing not only with the GM, but with the Master Camp as well. So please don’t be surprised with the Day Camp tournaments starting from Section 5.

Well, Aryeh has won in Section 1 (GM Camp), and Ilya - in Section 2 (GM Camp). Eric and Ethan have become the winners in Section 3 (Master Camp), while Ben M and Connor – took the honors in Section 4 (Master Camp). As you can see, the Master Camp has gained a particularly high number of tournament trophies during Week 7. Ethan M was the best in Section 5, and Davin - in Section 6. Also, we’d like to emphasize that all three Murkis brothers (Ben, Ethan and Davin) have done very well in their sections. Dylan has taken the 1st place in Section 7, and Katherine - in Section 8.


It’s interesting that Davin has proven his strong chess playing skills not only in tournament practice, but also during chess groups’ classes. He has become the winner of the group lead by coach Chris. And here are the results of the other Day Camp Groups: coach Tanya – Stefan, coach Nick – Saul, coach Philip – Aidan, coach Malina – Kayla, coach Alex B. – Anbo. Spencer and Jenny have become the best at the GM Camp, while Jaden and Denis  out-performed the rest of the Master Campers.


Intensive struggle between Stefan and Valerie during the Section A Problem Solving Competition has led to both of them crossing the finish line at the same time - so, they’ve shared the 1st place. Well, both Stefan and Valerie have deserved this victory, not least because they often solved these problems not to gain points - just for pleasure. This is the attitude to chess which coaches cannot but welcome! Aidan has excelled in Section B, and Sam V, who replicated his five-week-old success in Section C.


Valerie (Section A) and Marcus (Section B) have become the winners of the Simul Survival Competition. Unfortunately, none of the Section C campers have met the minimum requirements to take part in this contest (two or more days of participation). So, the prize is left unclaimed, just like the Best Chess Notation prize (as now only those who take notes on their games carefully and attentively are nominated for it). However, there are four Home Work Prizes’ winners this time: Dylan, Katherine, Sabrina and Stefan. Sammy C won the Day Camp Blitz, and Jaden won the Master Camp Blitz.


As usual, students from the GM Camp have chosen Blitz & Bughouse Tournament as a team game. At the Master Camp, a similar tournament took place. Aryeh and Grant have become the strongest at the GM Camp, while Ethan and Nick - at the Master Camp. Concerning Day Camp, our novelty - Hand & Brain Game - keeps flourishing there. Stefan (as Hand) and Davin (as Brain) have shown excellent teamwork this time.


Moreover, I have to say Week 7 was very successful for Davin: he has managed to claim 5 prizes which is the largest number of awards among campers this week. In addition to the ones mentioned above, Davin has won the Music Award, and has also become the Best in Sports Group Competition (2010-2011). The rest of the sports group winners are: Anbo (2012-2013), Sammy C (2011), Sabrina (2008-2009), Prisha (2007), Dillon (Master Camp, Group A) and Sophie (Master Camp, Group B).


Sabrina (Group A) and Dylan (Group B) have become the fastest racers of Week 7. As for the Dodgeball Competition, Blake (Boys) and Sabrina (Girls) won. Ben M has become the best Soccer Player, while Dylan has become the strongest Volleyball Player.


Elizabeth and Marcus (Group A) have won the Math Awards and Michael (Group B), as for the Art Award – Blake and Alli are the winners.


The following campers have won the Special Prizes of Week 7: Abrorjon was the Most Helpful Camper, Laurence put forth the Best Effort, Katherine was the Most Organized and Ibrohim  was the Most Enthusiastic Student. Selina won the Healthy Lunch Competition. Also, our two final prizes were for once a year occasions (and only in the case of the date coinciding with being at our Summer Camp): these are the Birth Day ‘Boys’ Prizes, claimed by Jaden and coach Philip.


Congratulations to all campers with the successful completion of Week 7! We are looking forward to seeing you at our Summer Camp again.