2019 Winter Camp Glen Rock: Day 1
Posted: 12/24/2019 | Updated: 12/24/2019 | Photo | Results

2019 Winter Camp Glen Rock: Day 1

Winter Camp is off to an exciting start and we had a full day of chess training, competing, and learning with talented players! First, the camp split into four lesson groups. In the morning, students trained with coaches and their peers, studying high-level chess games, solving puzzles, and a mix of other fun and stimulating exercises; each section had a morning winner. In the afternoon, students re-grouped with their sections for a tournament, where each group had a student winner. We also have a special award for the full day going to the student with the best commitment to chess studies and competition; today’s award went to Sammy S!

In the morning section 1, taught by Coach Sean, Albert took the top prize. Coach Vitali’s morning section 2 prize went to Paul. Sujia had a big day – winning both the section 3 morning honor with Coach Eugene as well as the section 3 tournament that afternoon. Finally, Neel won the best student award in the morning’s section 4 with Coach Roman.

We also had an exciting dodgeball game where Valerie won for the girls and Gregory won for the boys.

In the afternoon chess tournament winners included Elizabeth, Valerie, Geoffrey in section 2; as mentioned Sujia in section 3; and Misha and Sammy S in section 4. In section 1, the games were fewer but longer, with tough battles throughout. Games extended to the end of the camp day, so the winner will be decided another day.

We are so proud of all the students for their energy and work today and we offer our congratulations to all the prize winners! Tomorrow brings more prizes, so keep chess on the mind and stay tuned for more winter camp winners all week long.