2019 Winter Camp Glen Rock: Day 2
Posted: 12/24/2019 | Updated: 12/26/2019 | Photo | Results

Winter Camp Glen Rock: Day 2



Day 2 of Winter camp turned out to be just as competitive and fun as day 1!

We had a full day of chess and other activities, starting with morning study groups. In morning groups, Albert and Elizabeth took home best in group honors for Coach Sean’s group 1, while Gregory got the prize for Coach Eugene’s group 2, and AJ won for Coach Roman’s group 3. The special prize for overall chess commitment during morning study groups went to Anderson!

Besides chess, students played dodgeball, where Gregory and Elizabeth won prizes. (Gregory won yesterday too; let’s see if he keeps up his dodgeball streak!) There was also soccer, where Michael’s performance stood out as prizeworthy. Finally, the students worked on some art projects, and Paul showed considerable skill and took the art prize.

After lunch, our competitive tournament had some familiar names and some new names emerge as winners. Section 1’s tournament prize went to Albert, who also won top honors in the morning lessons. Section 2’s prize went to Gregory and Sujia and section 3’s prize went to Neel. Congratulations to all these impressive students!

There are more prizes each day of camp, more chess, and more activities for students to show off new-found skills. We look forward to reporting tomorrow’s winners!