2019 Winter Camp Teaneck And Glen Rock: Day 3
Posted: 12/26/2019 | Photo

Winter Camp Teaneck and Glen Rock: Day 3

It did NOT look a lot like Christmas!


There was no snow, it was pretty warm, and there was certainly no fat guy in a red suit delivering presents. 


What we did have though was two chess groups with lesson in the morning followed by our usual dodgeball adventures in Votee Park. Gregory Apel was the overall winner today.


In the tournament sections Sammy Shapiro scored the biggest win of his young career by winning the younger section two with two wins and a draw out of a total of three possible points while in section one we had a three way tie for first between Mark Kogan, Sujia Diao, and Fort Lee’s own Simon Ginzburg who all finished with two out of a possible three points.