Winter Camp By Sean Finn
Posted: 1/7/2020 | Updated: 2/6/2020

The Winter Camp is over and what better way to end 2019 then with such a fun and educational week. The morning lesson groups continued to explore new and reoccurring themes, studying the games and thought processes of top players, and competing for most diligent students. As is often the case, the prize winners in the lesson groups tended to perform well in the tournaments too, but the competition was fierce (while friendly!) throughout.

In addition to our usual array of chess lessons, sports breaks and tournament play, there were other fun games introduced in the last few days of camp. Not only was there blitz and bughouse, one of the most popular variants that can also teach us something about weak squares and the importance of the initiative, but also the exciting battles between “Hand and Brain” partner teams.

Although there were many prizes to be won throughout the week, there were three campers who won the Camp Veteran award – attending every day of Winter Camp. Sujia, Gregory and Neel were deserved winners after working hard throughout the week, winning their fair share of lesson and tournament prizes along the way.

The coaches expressed how much fun they had with the great group of campers and wish everyone all the best in the New Year!