Artur Jussupow Virtual Camp
Posted: 5/28/2020 | Updated: 5/31/2020 | Sign Up

2020 VIRTUAL GM Camp for Students Rated 2100+ 


GM Artur Jussupow will be teaching ICA's 2020 virtual GM Camps for elite students rated 2100+. Registration is Now Open.

GM Jussupow hardly needs an introduction in the Chess world. Having appeared three times in the semi-finals of the World Championships, and awarded the title of FIDE senior trainer in 2005, Jussupow is unquestionably considered one of the best players and chess coaches that's come along in the last two decades. With his fierce intellect and charming personality he has always been a favorite among ICA students. 

Not only has Jussupow been second and advisor to both Viswanathan Anand and Peter Leko during their world championship campaigns, he has also played a major role in the preparation of many of today's younger GM’s such as Alexei Alexandrov and Sergei Movsesian.  Artur's excellent understanding of the game can be seen in his collaboration with Mark Dvoretsky and in his books, including the quintessential ‘Petroff Defence’, in which he has been acknowledged as the leading authority on the opening.


He is also been a noted expert on the Lasker Defence of the Queen's Gambit Declined, having contributed many new ideas to an opening that's over one hundred years old.

For the past few months, GM Jussupow has been leading virtual classes at ICA from his home in Germany. And he is very excited that he will still be able to run the Elite Student Summer Camp Program and teach the students via internet from Germany.

GM Jussupow utilizes many resources and tools to enhance the students’ experience in his online classes. He includes video lectures, tactic trainers and breakout sessions. Students learn but can still socialize during his highly focused lessons.

A computer with a mic and high-speed internet are a requirement for this program.