International Chess Academy introduction

Posted: 9/25/2004



185 Court street Teaneck, NJ 07666; tel: 201-833-1741

The International Chess Academy was established in 1996 by Diana Tulman and Irina Levitina.  In our first year we met only once a week and only for a couple of hours. The whole school consisted of seven (!) students and two teachers. Today we have over a hundred kids in our school and staff of 20 teachers. Among our students we have National champions and National Prize winners. Fifteen of our kids are on the top-100 list in the country. We have a Pan-American champion, who also represented the United States in the World Youth Championship. There are actually 3 students in our school that will represent US in 2004 World Youth Championship. Though we are proud of our students’ achievements, our main goal is not to ‘breed’ champions, but to help your kids learn how to enjoy one of the oldest games in the world. This will stay with them through their life and will help them develop their logic, memory, analytical ability, patience, concentration, tolerance and much more.

We are constantly looking for different ways to improve the learning environment for our students and teachers. That is why we keep our teacher-student ratio not larger than 1 to 5. This is why we invite the best coaches in the world to work with our kids. However, our effort alone would not help our children to play chess better. We expect our children to work harder and we count on your involvement and encouragement. By this we do not advice that parents should be doing the homework instead of children but parents helping their children to manage the time and arrange the place to practice chess at home.

We have had a great time in both of our summer camps: day program and sleep away camp. We are looking forward to seeing you in our Academy



 Diana Tulman/academy director