Summer-In-The-Winter Camp Results: Seasonís Greetings From Chess Clause
Posted: 1/18/2012

Summer-In-The-Winter Camp Results: Season’s Greetings From Chess Clause

As last year, only this time without the added inconvenience of snow which cancelled certain daily activities in 2010, we successfully ran a week of Summer Camp during the Winter holiday break.  As last year many enthusiastic children were dropped off by their parents, baby-sitters, grandmas, or grandpas to attend the camp, and as last year no one left it disappointed.

Aside from our regularly scheduled tournaments, study competitions, including problem-solving, blitz, bughouse, and sports (soccer, and dodgeball), we added a few new innovations to help liven things up.  From a “funny walk competition” to a discreet “loudest camper tournament (can you imagine if we told the kids there would be a prize for this)” we made sure everyone was rewarded in some modest way.

Our tournament winners were Aron Dyadyuk in the oldest section, Mathew Lerman in the second section, Ben Pyatski, and Nick Belov in section three, and Aron Ayzerov in section four. 

Aron Dyadyuk celebrated his ninth birthday in our camp with the above mentioned trophy for the tournament win, as well a special prize from the ICA staff. 

Henry Baquerizo, who complained about the extra categories invented so everyone could get a prize, stopped doing so when he found out he was awarded for being the loudest student in the camp.  Michael Druker got the prize for being the quietest. 

Thanks to the Belov brothers we were also able to hold none-prize, though snack based reward, robot racing competitions because Nick, James, and Alex brought in their remote controlled robots, and let everyone play with them.  Of course thanks to Genry we were able to watch Despicable Me the movie on the projector he hauled from our Teaneck location.

Pizza was served for lunch, while Howard Fields, our resident music expert covered the program’s three to five p.m. sessions with music lessons for all those who signed up until that time.

We would like to thank everyone for coming and we hope to see all of you, and more of you (those that didn’t show up) next year.