Steinitz/Smyslov Super Saturday September Tournaments Report
Posted: 10/2/2011 | Results

Steinitz/Smyslov Super Saturday September Tournaments Report: 
9/10, 9/17, 9/24!!!


As most of you know we have started a brand new Saturday tournament competition this year allowing people to spend their free weekend time doing something remotely logical, and positive.  For those who don’t know we have also decided to award cash prizes to every winner in each quad section.  The prizes will be fifty dollars for regular tournaments, and thirty for blitz tournaments.

 The following are the results for the first two Saturday tournaments, as well as the last Saturday blitz tournament.

On September 10th, at our inaugural competition there were three individual quad sections.  In section one Igor Yeliseyev came up with an expert of a performance to defeat Pavel Bereza, Alex Katz, and David Rubenfeld.  In section two Nicholas “middle brother” Katz beat out his brother Josh, Dwight Moran, and Josh Lerman to take first place.  In section three Vaed Prasad took down Daniel Zharzhavsky, Teoma Zhigulin, and Andrew Bereza to score the tournament win.

On September 17th, David Rubenfeld won the cash prize in section one beating out Nicholas Katz, Sam Berrettini, and Amey Pasarkar.  In section two, a six person competition this time around, Josh Katz beat out Josh Lerman, Eric Trostin, Greg Pylypovych, Zachary Shusterman, and Sophie Rasol to win the fifty bucks.  There was no section three on the 17th.

On September 24th, the last Saturday of the month a blitz competition was held in three sections.  In section one, Pavel Bereza beat out Max Schwartz, David Rubenfeld, Francis Romano, and Nick Katz to win the thirty dollar prize.  In section two, Josh Katz, and Sid Wagh split the first place prize, fairing better against Nick Konovalenko, Alessandro Demarchi-Blumstein, and Josh Lerman.  In section three, Sophie Rasol, took down Andrew Bereza, Michael Strigul, and Bowen Huang to win the thirty dollar prize.

We hope to see even more people in October. 

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