Stirring Surprise As Stripunsky Takes 1st At Dr Ostfeld Memorial Fall Tourney!
Posted: 11/11/2011 | Photo | Results
Stirring Surprise as Stripunsky Takes 1st At Dr Ostfeld Memorial Fall Tourney!


Well in any case just about the only surprise one can surmise from such a result is the misleading header since a Stripunsky participation in the event almost always leads to a Stripunsky victory.  This time “the brain from Ukraine” (I probably used that one before but it is still a good one) won all four games uncontested and took home the first prize of 300 bucks all by himself.  In second was as yet unknown to me Justin Sarkar who won 250 bucks and only stumbled with a draw against a somewhat familiar Igor Yeliseyev.
Mikhail Zlotnikov won 67 for his third place finish and was headed with three points into the final round until he met his untimely demise at the board of the aforementioned Stripunsky.  Sharing the honor were Dmitry London, and Gregory Nolan, as well as the three players mentioned below who also scored three points but won their prize for a different honor then simply just third place.
Some young upstart named Theodore “Roosevelt” Coyne won 92 greenies for best result of a player rated under 2200,2000, as well as under thirteen years of age. He shared the prize with Kevin Chen, and Alex Crump as all three players scored three points out of four each. 
Joe Pacella won a Benjamin for best result of a player with a rating under 1800, while Gilad Drillich won the same for best player rated under 1600.
Finally Arthur Feuerstein won his usual 75 bucks for best performance by a player over 65.

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