Shlionsky, Belov Clans Win Family Competition At Dr. Ostfeld Memorial Fall
Posted: 11/11/2011 | Results

Shlionsky, Belov Clans win Family Competition At Dr. Ostfeld Memorial Fall Competition!!!!


With seven points each, the degree of difficulty allowed the Shlionsky duo of Israel Moshe, and Aaron, to overtake the Belov trio of Nick, Alex, and James.  Since the Shlionsky pair played in sections three, and five respectively, while all three Belov brothers played in section two, their score saw a greater weight in the final standings.  Regardless with three-and-a-half points each both Aaron, as the winner of his section, and Israel Moshe, finishing second in his, receive free entry into the Dr. Ostfeld  Early Winter Competition on December 11, as well as entry into the next two Monday night tournament cycles. 

The Belov Brothers who officially finished second in the family event on the strength of Nick’s four points, and an equivalent three points from Alex, or James, receive free entry into the next Dr Ostfeld competition, as well as one free Super Saturday tournament event.

The Konovalenko siblings who finished Third, on the strength of Nick’s three-and-a-half point win in section four, and Sasha’s near close three points in the same section, have a free pass to a Super Saturday tournament as well.

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