Chess Camp with Artur Jussupow and Alex Chernin! 2005

Posted: 9/19/2004



Ok so you’ve beaten everybody in your school, and everybody at the local chess tournaments, as well as savagely crushed your dad in a “friendly” game.  You’ve registered with the United States Chess Federation, and have amassed a respectable rating of 2000 something.  You have plans to take out Nakamura at the next U.S. Open, and captain the chess team at Princeton in 3 years time when you graduate from High School.  I congratulate you the reader on developing an excellent life plan, and I only hope it continues to be as excellent when you hit 65, however for now I only have one simple question: WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO  DURING THE SUMMER? 


Sure you can spend all your time reading the latest chess book by Alexander Chernin and practicing all his salivating tips and hints, all the while working as the cashier at the local 7/11, or you can scrape together 600 dollars, head on over to Jersey and spend a week with the man himself.   Now shameless self promotion aside (you will see that a lot on this site anyway), and considering some people might not know who Chernin is (we call these people “squares” to the 64th power.), doesn’t it make more sense to study in a setting with other people then sad and alone by yourself?  How many times can you wipe the floor with your dad using the Sicillian (its not just a pizza anymore folks), before you realize that chess is only fun if your challenged? What’s more challenged by other people that know a lot more about chess then you do? Nothing against your dad or grampa or whoever taught you chess, but if your serious about  being the next Bobby Fisher, unless you were gifted with a “chess brain” when you were born, you’ll need some help. 

That is where we come in.  What we do is we get the best trainers in the world and fly them over here to study with you for a week or more, and help you reach your full potential.  When were talking about best trainers, we mean people who have helped prepare current Grand Masters, and world champions.  You can read about them in the “ICA STAFF” section if you don’t believe me. 


Now let’s assume you live in a state far far away, (like Oregon for instance) and are considering taking us up on our offer, but are concerned about what your going to do in your free time, seeing as you don’t know anybody, or even how the camp works.   Furthermore, you might think that there won’t be any free time to hang out, and relax and have all that “Best Coaches in the World” knowledge sink in. Well do not worry because we anticipate that and a lot more. First of all you will have free time, that I can guarantee. After all it’s a crime to not have free time, to spend a dime during summer time (yes rhyming is necessary and so are all the little digressive parentheses quotes).  Anyways in that free time you’ll get a chance to do lots of cool stuff, like play sports, go to movies, bowl, all the stuff you usually do at home with your friends.  Best of all you’ll get to make new friends, and even though that may sound corny or stupid to people, that is probably the best part of the whole thing. In any case if your having trouble I will personally come up with a routine to make you laugh (seriously ask the “advanced camp” veterans I get the job done), so you won’t feel totally bored.  Besides if anything you can secretly scope out your competition and devise a plan on how to finish them off, in any future tournaments you guys will be competing in. 


So that’s about it, questions, or comments are welcome, but I think if you read this far your already convinced.

See you in camp,



Our schedule:

6/27 – 6/30 Alex Chernin & Artur Jussupow
7/6 – 7/8 Alex Chernin & Artur Jussupow 
7/11 – 7/15 Alex Chernin & Artur Jussupow   
7/18 – 7/22 Alex Chernin & Artur Jussupow 
7/25 – 7/29 Alex Chernin & Artur Jussupow

Daily routine      
9:30 - 12:30  Chess Lessons   
12:30 - 1:00  Lunch       
1:00 - 3:00  Sport        
3:00 - 4:00  Snacks, Rest     
4:00 - 6:00  Chess Lessons/ Practice
6:30 - 8:00 Sport (basketball, voleyball, soccer)

Our space is very limited this time (only 10 students per week!), to qualify you have to love chess, enjoy being challenged! Please contact ICA

The cost is $600 per week for day campers. For ‘leave in’ add additional $150 per week. Please fill out the registration form and send it to:
Diana Tulman, 28 Canterbury Lane, New Milford, NJ 07646.

To reserve your spot, attach $100 deposit (nonrefundable (!) but will apply towards tuition cost) payable to International Chess Academy, Inc.